"Statistics in Linguistics" by Christopher S. Butler

"Statistics in Linguistics" by Christopher S. Butler
Oxford, Basil Blackwell | 1985 | ISBN: 0631142657, 0631142649 | 224 pages | PDF/djvu | 3 mb

Quantitative Linguistics is a sub-discipline of general linguistics and, more specifically, of mathematical linguistics. Quantitative Linguistics (QL) deals with language learning, language change, and application as well as structure of natural languages. This field is not necessarily connected to substantial theoretical ambitions. Corpus linguistics and computational linguistics are other fields which contribute important empirical evidence.

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1 Some fundamental concepts in statistics
2 Frequency distributions
3 Measures of central tendency and variability
4 The normal distribution
5 Sample statistics and population parameters: estimation
6 Project design and hypothesis testing: basic principles
7 Parametric tests of significance
8 Some useful non-parametric tests
9 The chi-square test
10 The F distribution and its uses
11 Correlation
12 Statistics, computers and calculators
Appendix 1 Statistical tables
Appendix 2 Answers to exercises

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