"Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials" by Filippo Capolino

"Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterials" by Filippo Capolino
Metamaterials Handbook
CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group | 2009 | ISBN: 1420054252 | 926 pages | PDF/djvu | 24/14 mb

Theory and Phenomena of Metamaterialsoffers an in-depth look at the theoretical background and basic properties of electromagnetic artificial materials, often called metamaterials. A volume in the Metamaterials Handbook, this book provides a comprehensive guide to working with metamaterials using topics presented in a concise review format along with numerous references. With contributions from leading researchers, this text covers all areas where artificial materials have been developed.

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Each chapter in the text features a concluding summary as well as various cross references to address a wide range of disciplines in a single volume.

Table of Contents
Part I: General Concepts
Historical Notes on Metamaterials
Material Parameters and Field Energy in Reciprocal Composite Media
Symmetry Principles and Group-Theoretical Methods in Electromagnetics of Complex Media
Differential Forms and Electromagnetic Materials

Part II: Modeling Principles of Metamaterials
Fundamentals of Method of Moments for Artificial Materials
FDTD Method for Periodic Structures
Polarizability of Simple-Shaped Particles
Single Dipole Approximation for Modeling Collections of Nanoscatterers
Mixing Rules
Nonlocal Homogenization Theory of Structured Materials
On the Extraction of LocalMaterial Parameters of Meta-Materials from Experimental or Simulated Data
Field Representations in Periodic Artificial Materials Excited by a Source
Modal Properties of Layered Metamaterials

Part III: Artificial Magnetics and Dielectrics, Negative Index Media
RF Metamaterials
Wire Media
Split Ring Resonators and Related Topologies,
Designing One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensional Left-Handed Materials
Composite Metamaterials, Negative Refraction and Focusing
Metamaterials Based on Pairs of Tightly Coupled Scatterers
Theory and Design of Metamorphic Materials
Isotropic Double Negative Materials
Network Topology Derived Metamaterials: Scalar and Vectorial 3-D Configurations and Their Fabrication
Negative Refraction in IR and Visible Domains

Part IV: Artificial Chiral, Bianisotropic Media, and Quasicrystals
A Review of Chiral and Bianisotropic Composite Materials Providing Backward Waves and Negative Refractive Indices
Negative Refraction and Perfect Lenses Using Chiral and Bianisotropic Materials
Bianisotropic Materials and PEMC
Photonic Quasicrystals: Basics and Examples

Part V: Transmission-Line-Based Metamaterials
Fundamentals of Transmission-LineMetamaterials
Corrugated RectangularWaveguides: Composite Right/Left-Handed Metaguides

Part VI: Artificial Surfaces
Frequency Selective Surface and Electromagnetic Bandgap Theory Basics
High-Impedance Surfaces

Part VII: Tunable and Nonlinear Metamaterials
Tunable Surfaces: Modeling and Realizations
Ferroelectrics as Constituents of Tunable Metamaterials
Spin Waves in Multilayered and Patterned Magnetic Structures
Nonlinear Metamaterials
Magnetoinductive Waves I: Theory

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