A Brief History of Everything

A Brief History of Everything By Ken Wilber
Publisher: Sounds True 2001-11 | ISBN: 1564559181 | Language: English | Audio Cassette in MP3 | 52 mb
A Brief History of Everything Ken Wilber Now available for the first time on audio, here is Ken Wilberí»s concise account of our place in a universe of sex, soul, and spirit. Told in an accessible and entertaining question-and-answer format, A Brief History of Everything examines the course of evolution as the unfolding manifestation of Spirit, from matter to life to mind, including the higher stages of spiritual development where Spirit becomes conscious of itself. Wilber offers striking and original views on many topics, including gender relations, modern liberation movements, environmental ethics, the conflict between this-worldly and other-worldly approaches to spirituality, and much more. Read by Steve Grad and Willow Pearson.

This account of men and women's place in a universe of sex and gender, self and society, spirit and soul is written in question-and-answer format, making it both readable and accessible. Wilber offers a series of original views on many topics of current controversy, including the gender wars, multiculturalism, modern liberation movements, and the conflict between various approaches to spirituality.

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