AIR for Flash Developers

AIR for Flash Developers, Inc | ISBN: 159671476X | 2008-07-28 | AVI | 641 mb
Rich internet applications become more popular and powerful every year, but they have been limited to what can be done from within a web browser. Adobe AIR allows web developers to leverage their Flash, Flex, HTML, and AJAX skills to create multi-platform desktop applications. In AIR for Flash Developers, David Tucker uses Flash CS3 Professional to create several AIR applications, exploring the workflow and features of the AIR extension and runtime along the way. He discusses how to integrate with an operating system; how to incorporate HTML and File type: PDFs; how to use the local SQLite database for information; how to package, distribute, and update AIR applications; and much more. Example files accompany the course.

This course will be most valuable to those who are familiar with ActionScript 3.0 and XML within Flash CS3 Professional. Topics Include:

* Exchanging data with the Clipboard
* Supporting drag-and-drop functionality
* Performing file system actions
* Managing multiple native windows
* Using application, window, and context menus
* Monitoring network connections
* Synchronizing online and offline data

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