Accretion Disks in Compact Stellar Systems

Accretion Disks in Compact Stellar Systems By J. Craig Wheeler
Publisher: Wo.rld Scie.ntific Publi.shing Com.pany 1994 | 421 Pages | ISBN: 9810212739 | DJVU | 5 mb

Accretion disks in compact stellar systems containing white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes are the principal laboratory for understanding the role of accretion disks in a wide variety of environments from proto-stars to quasars. Recent work on disk instabilities and dynamics has given a new theoreticcal framework with which to study accretion disks. Modelling of time-dependent phenomena provides new insight into the causes and interpretation of photometric and spectroscopic variability and new constraints on the fundamental physical problem - the origin of viscosity in accretion disks. This book contains expert reviews on the nature of limit cycle thermal instabilities and a variety of closely related topics from the theory of angular momentum transport to eclipse mapping of the disk structure. The result is a comprehensive contemporary survey of the structure and evolution of accretion disks in compact binary systems. disks in compact stellar systems.djvu disks in compact stellar systems.djvu/

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