Airplane Stability and Control

Malcolm J. Abzug, E. Eugene Larrabee, quot;Airplane Stability and Controlquot;
Cambridge University Press | 2005 | ISBN: 0521021286, 0521809924 | 414 pages | File type: PDF | 5,8 mb
The authors, widely known for their contributions to airplane design and development, have captured both the technological progress and the excitement of this important facet of aviation. This updated edition includes new developments in propulsion-controlled aircraft, fly-by-wire technology, redundancy management, applications, and safety. It is profusely illustrated with photographs and figures, and includes brief biographies of noted stability and control figures along with a core bibliography.

? A comprehensive yet utterly readable history of aviation technology ? Includes computer-oriented stability and control teaching methods ? Includes new developments in propulsion-controlled aircraft, fly-by-wire technology, redundancy management, applications, and safety

1. Early developments in stability and control; 2. Research centers and texts; 3. Flying qualities becomes a science; 4. Power effects on stability and control; 5. Managing control forces; 6. Stability and control at the design stage; 7. The jets at an awkward age; 8. The discovery of inertial coupling; 9. Spinning and recovery; 10. Tactical airplane maneuverability; 11. High mach number difficulties; 12. Naval aircraft problems; 13. Ultra-light and human-powered airplanes; 14. Fuel slosh, deep stall, and more; 15. Safe personal airplanes; 16. Stability and control issues with variable sweep; 17. Modern canard configurations; 18. Evolution of the equations of motion; 19. The elastic airplane; 20. Stability augmentation; 21. Flying qualities research moves with the times; 22. Challenge of stealth aerodynamics; 23. Very large aircraft; 24. Work still to be done; Short biographies of some stability and control figures; References and core bibliography.

¡®This is a splendid book. The authors try to tell the whole story, starting with Cayley. With their immense background, practical as well as academic, the maths are all there but so are countless often fascinating references to actual aircraft ¡­ How often do you find an erudite treatise that is truly un-put-downable?¡¯ Bill Gunston, Aerospace Magazine

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