American Sissy

American Sissy

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I guess this kind of thing can only happen in America. . .

It's actually really adorable to watch a man who thought he was straight transforming before your eyes into a genuinely sexy and utterly submissive little lady. It happens. My husband, for one thing, used to consider himself dominant before I started to cuckold him. I wasn't planning to cheat on him, either. And, to those of you who are familiar with the lifestyle, cuckolding doesn't technically count as cheating. My husband knows about everything. Sometimes he even gets to watch. And yes, this would be hard for any husband, to see his wife in the throes of pleasure while in the embrace of another man. But then again, one of the reasons it was so easy for me to start hooking up with other men was because my husband never really satisfied me.

My husband was very conservative. He never would have imagined that he would end up transitioning to a girl-until he looked in the mirror and saw it happening before his very eyes. You can really only wear panties for so long and before people notice that you're starting to act more and more girly. If your own wife has started to feminize you, you'll probably think it's fun at first. But soon, you're realize that it's not a joke. She's training you to be a real woman. And this will inevitably be confusing and scary. But I can promise you that in the end, you will be happy with your new role in your marriage and your place in the world.
Before you question this as unbelievable, I think anyone can see that our culture's attitudes towards sex are changing rapidly. There used to be just two genders. Nowadays, it's common to see trans-gender people on TV and in movies and even in your daily life. Often, they didn't initiate their transition all by themselves, but they were encouraged by a strong, dominant personality in their lives. If your wife is hooking up with a man confident enough to chase a married woman, what do you think he's going to do to the idiot husband? He'll go ahead and make you his girlfriend, too.

I used to consider myself a normal American woman in a relatively normal marriage. I guess I still do consider myself normal, althoughmy idea of what is normal has changed. I don't think it's strange that my husband turned into a girl because I have seen a lot of other men end up the same way. There are actually two types of men-subs and Doms, Alphas and betas, Tops and bottoms. You can call them what you want. The point is, guys who are submissive enough to get married to a woman don't really stand a change against the new class of empowered and increasingly aggressive bulls out there. As my regular bull always says, an ass is an ass. But he's straight, so it kind of makes sense that if he has sex with a cuck, the cuck automatically becomes a sissy. This is how we decided my husband should start crossdressing and eventually get his gender reassignment surgery. These days, there are actually a lot of options to improve the success of a sex change. You can get facial feminization surgery, breast and butt implants, and even vocal cord shaving can make your voice more feminine.
I adore my bull, so when he invited my husband into bed with us, I knew it was going to be good. It was all very playful at first. My bull simply started treating him like he was a girl already, calling him sweetheart, patting him on the butt. My husband was overwhelmed by such an imposing figure in his own house, so he didn't resist. My bull said we should all play a game. He tied my husband's hands behind his back using a pair of my old pantyhose. Then he proceeded to tickle him mercilessly. My husband was hysterical and it was really cute. He only took his hands off my husband's armpits so he could pinch his nipples. And he didn't stop tickling him till my husband confessed that he was really a girl.


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