Applied Thermodynamics

Onkar Singh, quot;Applied Thermodynamicsquot;
New Age Publications | 2009 | ISBN: 8122425836 | 948 pages | File type: PDF | 10,1 mb
Absolute pressure Amagat¡¯s law atmospheric pressure Boyle¡¯s law Charle¡¯s law chemical classical thermodynamics compressibility chart compressibility factor concept of continuum considered constant pressure constant volume constituent gases cylinder Dalton¡¯s law defined density of mercury end of tube energy associated energy interaction Engineering thermodynamics forms of energy Gauge pressure gravitational acceleration hydrogen intensive properties Internal energy isolated system J/kg kinetic energy kJ/kg manometer mass interactions Mathematically mercury column microscopic approach Mole fraction molecular level Molecular weight molecules number of moles occurs partial pressures path perfect gas equation piston potential energy pressure and temperature pressure exerted pressure of gas primary dimensions pV RT ratio real gas behaviour reduced pressure Reduced temperature refers scale of analysis shown in Fig Solution specific heat specific volume statistical thermodynamics steam substance system of units thermodynamic analysis thermodynamic equilibrium Thermodynamic processes thermodynamic properties thermodynamic system universal gas constant Vacuum pressure vessel Virial

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