Being Without Protection (The Bridge of Consciousness Book 1)

Being Without Protection (The Bridge of Consciousness Book 1)

English | 30 Nov. 2010 | ASIN: B004EHZS3O | 24 Pages | MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 1.19 MB

When we enter this world we forget that we are spirit, that we are non-physical, that we are one. We forget that we are safe and that we are eternal. Fear is a unique quality of this world and as with all reality it is a mirror of our being. It is through this loss of knowingness that we can come to fear what surrounds us. To fear what we do not know is to enter an experience where we come to protect ourselves, and from that protection a strong sense of identity arises. We become identified with the mechanisms through which we protect ourselves; we become identified with our fears.

To face your fear is to put those protections down, understanding that they have served us all beautifully in our exploration of individuality. To put down your protection is to touch your fear. It is to put down the fig leaf. It is to expose your most intimate self. It is powerful. It is powerful because it is freedom.

Let Story Waters take you on a journey into the realization of the power of the choice of your focus, how you are a vessel of reality, how reality is a mirror, how to release fear and judgment, how judgment and perception are linked, how perception creates your reality, how to enter the knowing that you are safe, and how to fall in love with your Self, this world, and this life.

"Within you is an even wider level of consciousness than your spirit; a level of planetary or collective consciousness. It is within you in every moment; it is within you in this moment. The whole world is within what you are. When you look outwards into the world you are equally looking inwards at what you are. This is the deeper realization of the world being a mirror of Self. It is only judgment of the world that makes you fear the idea of it being a reflection of you; cease to judge the world and you are free to experience it clearly; only when you cease to judge will you see through the illusion of separation and open yourself to the multi-dimensional perspective of All That You Are." - from Being Without Protection by Story Waters.

To be without protection is to know you are safe, that you are the creator of your reality, and that you are free. Don't miss this amazing journey into self-empowerment and freedom consciousness.


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