Beyond Star Trek: Physics from Alien Invasions to the End of Time

Beyond Star Trek: Physics from Alien Invasions to the End of Time

English | 1997 | ISBN: 046500637X | PDF | 202 Pages | 1.7 MB

In the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek, the renowned theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss took readers on an entertaining and eye-opening tour of the Star Trek universe. Now, responding to requests for more as well as to a number of recent exciting discoveries in physics and astronomy, Krauss takes a provocative look at how the laws of physics relate to notions from our popular culture-not only Star Trek, but other films, shows, and popular lore-from Independence Day to Star Wars to The X-Files.With his books and popular lectures, Krauss has been compared to the late Carl Sagan as one of the preeminent scientists writing with humor and clarity for the general public. Beyond Star Trek establishes him as today's leading voice in the discussion of cutting-edge ideas that arise from our growing knowledge of the universe. Join him on a fun mind-bending journey through the nature of alien visitation, interstellar travel-including the very latest on warp-drive systems-time, consciousness, ESP, the probability of other life in the universe, and quantum reality.Once again Krauss has turned to his colleagues including the foremost theoretical physicists in the world, asking them about the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe. The answers will surprise you.So buckle up and get ready for an exciting trip that takes the question "Could this ever really happen?" to new heights and will give you new insights into your favorite science fiction and your favorite universe!


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