Biology: An Illustrated Guide to Science

Biology: An Illustrated Guide to Science by: Gareth Price
Chelsea House Publications | Pages: 208 | 2006-08-30 | ISBN 0816061629 | File type: PDF | 15 mb

Biology: An Illustrated Guide to Sciencequot; is one of eight volumes in quot;Facts On File'squot; new quot;Science Visual Resourcesquot; set. Containing six sections, a comprehensive glossary, a Web site guide, and an index, quot;Biologyquot; is an ideal learning tool for students and teachers of science. Full-colour diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps on every page illustrate the essential elements of the subject, while parallel text provides key definitions and step-by-step explanations. quot;Unityquot; - looks at the basic chemistry of all biological systems, such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also describes the essential instruments and techniques of biology. This section furthermore describes the most vital life processes from photosynthesis to respiration. quot;Continuityquot; - considers the ways in which biological systems reproduce. The basics of all forms of biological reproduction are covered, from those of unicellular organisms to flowering plants and mammals. It also details the genetic mechanisms of inheritance from one generation to the next. quot;Diversityquot; - provides an overview of the vast range of living organisms that inhabit Earth. The major categories that biologists use to classify these organisms are described, with examples provided. quot;Maintenancequot; - examines the ways in which various kinds of living organisms carry out everyday life processes, such as breathing, eating, movement, and excretion. quot;Human biologyquot; - takes a closer look at the essential biological structures and functions of the human body. It describes how the raw materials required are taken in, digested, and transported to where they are needed; how waste products are removed; and how the body is able to sense and interact with its environment. quot;Ecologyquot; - provides a brief look at how living organisms influence and are influenced by the planet they live on. The broadest of all biological processes are traced: the complex webs of survival that link the simplest bacteria to the most sophisticated carnivores. Finally, the elemental relations by which chemical and geological processes form the conditions for life are outlined.

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