Buddha¡¯s Bodyguard: How to Protect Your Inner V.I.P.

English | April 3rd, 2018 | ASIN: B078WF6K1C, ISBN: 1844097404 | 160 Pages | EPUB | 1.53 MB

An innovative guide to applying the strategies of a bodyguard to create a Buddhist "security plan" for protecting ourselves from suffering

Presents the unique concept of the "bodyguard" and its protection tactics as a metaphor for explaining and implementing Buddhist teachings
Recasts the Four Noble Truths as the Four Noble Tactical Truths, the Eightfold Path as the Eight Tactics Plan, and the notion of Interbeing in the Buddhist world as the Tactics of Interdepending
Offers a new, modern understanding for the new generation of Buddhist practitioners intrigued by a more Western take on Buddhism

Drawing from his extensive experience as a professional protection agent, Jeff Eisenberg uses the tactics and strategies that a bodyguard employs in protecting a client from a threat as a blueprint for creating a Buddhist "security plan." This plan provides the practical tools to protect one's self from the threat of suffering in our world. Using the metaphor of being the Buddha's bodyguard to understand the Buddhist teachings, the book details how to protect our inner "Buddha nature" and secure our mental and emotional wellbeing.

We all have the chance to train ourselves to be more proactive in our own safety and avoid becoming a victim. And if we are victimized, this training will prepare us to take appropriate actions that will aid in our ability to survive with much less injury and trauma. As the author affirms: "It is vital to realize that a physical altercation is the last thing that happens in a chain of events. And while we must never blame the victim, our safety is our responsibility. Many situations can be avoided, or their severity greatly lessened, if we pay attention during the chain of events that leads up to it and respond appropriately."

While this book is not about personal protection per se, it applies personal protection theory and specific tactics utilized by bodyguards to Buddhist practice, laying out strategies to protect our inner Buddha from attack. Thus the Four Noble Truths are applied to the concept of "threat" in the form of Four Noble Tactical Truths, the Eight Tactics Plan echoes the Eightfold Path, and the Tactics of Interdepending embrace the notion of Interbeing in the Buddhist world.

With "paying attention" and mindfulness being key concepts of both a bodyguard's profession and Buddhist practice, this pioneering book speaks to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.



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