Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti

English | 2013 | ISBN: 8128400487 | EPUB | 128 Pages | 0.4 mb

About the bookchanakya neeti is a book based on chanakya, who was an indian philosopher, teacher and a royal advisor to the mauryan kings. It speaks about the various ideologies preached by him in those times, which are relevant even in the present times. It's referred by people to learn about the vices one should avoid to lead a happy and fulfilled life. The book describes chanakya, who was also known as kautilya or vishnu gupta. He was a professor at the ancient takshashila university, in the fields of economics and political science. Apart from that, he assisted the mauryan emperors, chandragupta and his son bindusara. Chanakya had a very important role to play in setting up the mauryan empire and expanding it. In chanakya neeti, the author speaks about arthasastra, the ancient dissertation about indian politics. The book is based on chanakya's deep studies. He documented his findings based on the way people led their lives in india. The book is a compilation of chanakya's beliefs a


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