Chemistry and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethane

Mihail Ionescu, "Chemistry and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethane"
Publisher: Smithers Rapra | 2008 | ISBN 1859575013 | File type: PDF | 602 pages | 10.3 mb

Polyurethanes have become one of the most dynamic groups of polymers and they find use in nearly every aspect of modern life, in applications such as furniture, bedding, seating and instrument panels for cars, shoe soles, thermoinsulation, carpet backings, packaging, and as coatings.
The main raw materials used for the production of polyurethanes are polyols, isocyanates and propylene oxide. The first of these is the subject of the latest Rapra Handbook: and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethanes.
This book considers the raw materials used to build the polyurethane polymeric architecture. It covers the and technology of oligo-polyol fabrication, the characteristics of the various oligo-polyol families and the effects of the oligo-polyol structure on the properties of the resulting polyurethane. It presents the details of oligo-polyol synthesis, and explains the chemical and physico-chemical subtleties of oligo-polyol fabrication.
This book attempts to link data and information concerning the and technology of oligo-polyols for polyurethanes, pring a comprehensive overview of:
Basic polyurethane Key oligo-polyol characteristics Synthesis of the main oligo-polyol families, including: polyether polyols, polyester polyols, polybutadiene polyols, acrylic polyols, polysiloxane polyols, aminic polyols Polyols from renewable resources Chemical recovery of polyols Relationships between polyol structure and polyurethane properties This book will be of interest to all specialists working with polyols for the manufacture of polyurethanes and to all researchers that would like to know more about polyol. and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethanes.pdf

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