Computer Systems Architecture: A Networking Approach

Computer Systems Architecture: A Networking Approach

Second Edition
Pearson Education | 2006 | ISBN: 8131763471 9788131763476 | 753 Pages | PDF | 36 MB

This book presents the subject in a progressive, incremental manner, bottom-upwards. Starting with digital logic and computer hardware, moving through the layers of software and leading on to an introduction to the field of networking and operating systems.

The first Computer Architecture text to recognize that computers are now predinantly used in a networking environment, fully updated to include new technologies and with an all new chapter on Distributed Computing.

Supporting resources
Preface to the first edition
Recommended lab sessions
Part 1. Basic functions and facilities of a computer
1Introduction: the hardware-software interface
2The von Neumann Inheritance
3Functional units and the fetch-execute cycle
4Building computers from logic: the control unit
5Building computers from logic: the ALU
6Building computers from logic: the memory
7The Intel Pentium CPU
9Simple input and output
10Serial connections
11Parallel connections
12The memory hierarchy
Part2. Networking and increased complexity
13The programmer's viewpoint
14Local area networks
15Wide area networks
16Other networks
17Introduction to operating systems
18Windows XP
19Filing systems
20Visual output
21RISC processors: ARM and SPARC
22VUW processors: The EPIC Itanium
23Parallel processing
Appendix: MS Visual Studio 8, Express Edition
Answers to end-of chapter questions


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