Corporate Voodoo: Business Principles for Mavericks and Magicians

Rene Carayol, David Firth, "Corporate Voodoo: Business Principles for Mavericks and Magicians"
Capstone | 2001 | ISBN: 1841121576 | 256 pages | File type: PDF | 1,1 mb

"destined to become a classic 'visioneering' manual" (New Media Creative, July 2001)

"Corporate Voodoo is natural, instinctual, risky and thrilling - and like all good magic, it's scary too." (Sales Director, August 2001)

"a thought provoking series of connected themes and exemplars" (Manager, November/December 2001)

" give food for thought for the business soul." (Accountancy Age, 21 March 2002)

"An evocative book that draws inspiration from an array of sources.." (Mind Your Own Business, March 2002)
Why do many companies find it so hard to escape the pull of the past? Why do many individuals keep resorting to learned behaviour, the habits and ideas that may have brought them success in the past, but which will leave them adrift in the fast-moving currents of the new economy? What is the spell that keeps them so immobilised? It's the Voodoo
And what is the magic that can release us all - organisations and individuals, leaders and the led, employees and free agents, parents and children and candlestick makers - into a world of power, creativity, connection and achievement? It's also the Voodoo
The power comes from knowing the difference
VOODOO is suspicious of the neat and tidy answer
VOODOO inhabits the dreamworld
VOODOO asks: Why clarify the contradictions?
VOODOO asks: Are you thrilling yourself today?
VOODOO asks: Why predict the future when you can make it?
VOODOO says: Write your own most compelling story about you
VOODOO is not in the cornflakes
VOODOO asks: When was your last life-changing moment?
VOODOO is not found in the kitchen at parties
VOODOO values the vibe
VOODOO asks: In what ways should you be fearful of yourself?
VOODOO connects to a powerful future
VOODOO says: If you are failing - fail fast
VOODOO catches you doing things right
VOODOO finishes off your sentences
VOODOO practitioners punch way above their weight
VOODOO is the goal scorer never the goalkeeper
VOODOO is more than mere magic, it's your magic

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