Creative Physics Problems: Waves, Electricity & Magnetism, And Optics (Volume 2)

Creative Physics Problems: Waves, Electricity & Magnetism, And Optics (Volume 2)

English | Nov. 23, 2008 | ISBN: 1440458510, 1440461570 | 86 Pages | AZW4/PDF (True) | 3.62 MB

This is book is a collection of creative physics problems. No examples or solutions are provided, as this volume of physics problems is intended to be used in conjunction with a textbook. Like textbook problems, answers to selected questions are provided. This can be useful for (i) teachers who are looking for engaging problems to assign or use as examples and (ii) diligent self-learners who are willing to work for the answer and possibly rework the problem a few times (which can be a rewarding strategy in the long run, but does not suit many of today's students who want the information simply injected into their brains). These imaginative problems are designed to: engage the interest of students in this difficult subject, add a little zest to abstract concepts like electric field, and challenge students to apply the concepts to involved problems. This includes artistically drawn circuits for capacitors or resistors, electricity problems where students are shrunk by a ray gun, visual problems for Lenz's law, and review problems grouped by a theme (such as one where the students are kidnapped by aliens). Involved problems are included to build fluency in the major problem-solving strategies, like superposition of electric fields, application of Kirchhoff's rules, and the strategy for solving problems with spherical mirrors and lenses. Many problems are broken down into parts to help guide students along - that is, you can check your answer to part (a) before moving onto part (b).


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