Current Topics in Ionizing Radiation Research ed. by Mitsuru Nenoi

Current Topics in Ionizing Radiation Research ed. by Mitsuru Nenoi

ITAe | 2012 | ISBN: 9789535101963 | 852 Pages | PDF | 40 MB

This book is designed to overview the recent achievements in ionizing radiation research including biological effects, medical uses and principles of radiation measurement.

Since the discovery of X rays by Roentgen in 1895, the ionizing radiation has been extensively utilized in a variety of medical and industrial applications.
However people have shortly recognized its harmful aspects through inadvertent uses. Subsequently people experienced nuclear power plant accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima, which taught us that the risk of ionizing radiation is closely and seriously involved in the modern society. In this circumstance, it becomes increasingly important that more scientists, engineers and students get familiar with ionizing radiation research regardless of the research field they are working.

Part 1 Molecular Process
1 Measurement of H2AX Phosphorylation as a Marker of Ionizing Radiation Induced Cell Damage
2 Suitability of the g - H2AX Assay for Human Radiation Biodosimetry
3 Biological Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation
4 Limited Repair of Critical DNA Damage in Cells Exposed to Low Dose Radiation
5 Genome Integrity and Organization in the Context of Radiobiology
6 Mealybug as a Model for Studying Responses to High Doses of Ionizing Radiation
Part 2 Biological process
7 Radiation-Sensitivity and Transcription Profiles in Various Mutant p53 Cells
8 Modulation of Gene Expression after Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
9 The Role of MicroRNAs in the Cellular Response to Ionizing Radiations
10 Protein Ubiquitination in IR-lnduced DNA Damage Response
11 X-Ray-lnduced Radioresistance Against High-LET Radiations from Accelerated Neon-lon Beams in Mice
12 Radiation Toxins - Effects of Radiation Toxicity, Molecular Mechanisms of Action, Radiomimetic Properties and Possible Countermeasures for Radiation Injury
13 Dynamical Aspects ofApoptosis
14 Modelling Radiation Health Effects
Part 3 Health Effects
15 Ionizing Radiation Carcinogenesis
16 Molecular Spectroscopy Study of Human Tooth Tissues Affected by High Dose of External Ionizing Radiation (Caused by Nuclear Catastrophe of Chernobyl Plant)
17 Ionizing Radiation in Medical Imaging and Efforts in Dose Optimization
18 Ultrasound Image Fusion: A New Strategy to Reduce X-Ray Exposure During Image Guided Pain Therapies
19 Ionizing Radiation Profile of the Hydrocarbon Belt of Nigeria
Part 4 Medical Uses
20 The Effects of Antioxidants on Radiation- Induced Chromosomal Damage in Cancer and Normal Cells Under Radiation Therapy Conditions
21 Melatonin for Protection Against Ionizing Radiation
22 Radiosensitization with Hyperthermia and Chemotherapeutic Agents: Effects on Linear-Quadratic Parameters of Radiation Cell Survival Curves
23 Phage-Displayed Recombinant Peptides for Non-lnvasive Imaging Assessment of Tumor Responsiveness to Ionizing Radiation and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
24 Biosafety in the Use of Radiation: Biological Effects Comparison Between Laser Radiation. Intense Pulsed Light and Infrared and Ultraviolet Lamps in an Experimental Model in Chicken Embryos
25 Alternatives to Radiation Investigations in Orthodontics
Part 5 Detection and Measurement
26 Nanoscale Methods to Enhance the Detection of Ionizing Radiation
27 Glass as Radiation Sensor
28 Formation and Decay of Colour Centres in a Silicate Glasses Exposed to Gamma Radiation: Application to High-Dose Dosimetry
29 Optical Storage Phosphors and Materials for Ionizing Radiation
30 Ionizing Radiation Induced Radicals
31 Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation from Galactic and Solar Cosmic Rays
Part 6 Effects on Materials
32 Total Dose and Dose Rate Effects on Some Current Semiconducting Devices
33 Influence of Ionizing Radiation and Hot Carrier Injection on Metal-Oxide- Semiconductor Transistors
34 New Developments in the Field of Radiochemical Ageing of Aromatic Polymers


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