Design first for 3d Artists

Wordware Publishing, Inc. | ISBN 1556220855 | 2005 | 181 pages | PDF | English | 8MB

A useful book for graphic modelers. (2d and 3d) check it out.

Working on a project for most 3D artists means hitting the keyboard first without ever touching a pencil. But in the world of animation, the pencil is revered as the most powerful tool in the animation process, because it directly addresses the design aesthetic of an animated project. Production design is the process by which an artist establishes the tone for a particular film by offering a unique aesthetic vision that is in support of the story. As a 3D artist, to overlook design is to overlook the fundamental process that greatly influences not only the film itself but also your contributions as a professional. To combine the disciplines of traditional design and 3D animation is a choice that only you can make.

The result of this choice is a broader artistic skill set that increases your creativity and consequently increases your worth as a professional. Plain and simple, this book is going to teach you easy-to-use design techniques that will make you a better designer and increase your worth as a 3D artist. The most important element in any animated film is story and, as they say, story is king. The goal of a story is to take the audience on a journey through the lives and experiences of the characters within. Whether that journey is cerebral, emotional, or physical, the characters in that world should give the audience a point of view that is unique and compelling. As a designer, your role within a production is as an aesthetic problem solver who is there to support the story. As a 3D artist/animator, your role is to solve problems, but comes after the design process. Design and animation are two different disciplines that problem solve in two different ways, yet each has the same goal. What if we combined these disciplines into a single role that uses design to influence animation throughout the entire 3D process? This book is about that very thing. For those who are open minded about learning a valuable skill like design, this book will not only improve your animation work, but will improve your worth as a 3D artist.Production design for 3D animation is the process of using traditional drawing techniques to create characters, props, nvironments, color, lighting, compositions, and storyboards. Each design detail needs to be laid out and problem solved long before any animation is


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