Einstein's Apple: Homogeneous Einstein Fields

Einstein's Apple: Homogeneous Einstein Fields

English | ISBN: 9814630071 | 2015 | 301 pages | PDF | 14 MB

We lift a veil of obscurity from a branch of mathematical physics in a straightforward manner that can be understood by motivated and prepared undergraduate students as well as graduate students specializing in relativity. Our book on "Einstein Fields" clarifies Einstein's very first principle of equivalence (1907) that is the basis of his theory of gravitation. This requires the exploration of homogeneous Riemannian manifolds, a program that was suggested by Elie Cartan in "Riemannian Geometry in an Orthogonal Frame," a 2001 World Scientific publication.

Einstein's first principle of equivalence, the key to his General Relativity, interprets homogeneous fields of acceleration as gravitational fields. The general theory of these "Einstein Fields" is given for the first time in our monograph and has never been treated in such exhaustive detail. This study has yielded significant new insights to Einstein's theory. The volume is heavily illustrated and is accessible to well-prepared undergraduate and graduate students as well as the professional physics community.

Chapter 0: "The Happiest Thought of My Life"
Chapter 1: Accelerated Frames
Chapter 2: Torsion and Telemotion
Chapter 3: Inertial and Gravitational Fields in Minkowski Spacetime
Chapter 4: The Notion of Torsion
Chapter 5:Homogeneous Fields on Two-dimensional Riemannian Manifolds
Chapter 6: Homogeneous Vector Fields in N-dimensions
Chapter 7: Homogeneous Fields on Three-dimensional Spacetimes: Elementary Cases
Chapter 8: Proper Lorentz Transformations
Chapter 9: Limits of Spacetimes
Chapter 10: Homogeneous Fields in Minkowski Spacetimes
Chapter 11: Euclidean Three-dimensional Spaces
Chapter 12: Homogeneous Fields in Arbitrary Dimension



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