Electricity Experiments for Children

Gabriel Reuben, "Electricity Experiments for Children"
Dover Publications | 1968 | ISBN: 0486220303 | 88 pages | File type: PDF | 3,4 mb

What better way is there to learn than by doing? This unusual book enables
children to carry out more than 55 different experiments and demonstrations,
carefully planned to illustrate important principles of modern science. C7ear
step-by-step instructions, frequent diagrams, clear statements of conclusions
all enable the young student to carry through these experiments with minimal
supervision, yet full success.
The projects that this book describes are in the areas of magnetism, electricity,
and electronics. They include making a compass, wiring an electromagnet,
obtaining electricity from a lemon, reactivating a dry cell battery, making a
flashlight, wiring in series and in parallel, constructing a workable telegraph
set, building a functioning microphone, making a Geiger counter, testing
for radioactive fallout, and many other projects. No special equipment is
needed for these experiments; only materials likely to be found at home (easily obtained at the local drug store or hardware store) are used. All experiments
are safe.
This volume offers upper grade school, junior high school, and high school
students a very entertaining way to enrich their background in science and
its applications. It is also a very valuable aid to parents, teachers, and others
who wish to make clear, forceful demonstrations to children.
Formerly entitled "Electronics for Children." Unabridged republication of
1960 edition. Over 100 illustrations. 2 reference charts.



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