Electromagnetic Fields and Life

A. Presman, "Electromagnetic Fields and Life"
Plenum Press | 1970 | ISBN: 0306303957 | 336 pages | Djvu | 5,4 mb

"This pioneering volume presents a general concept which, if future experiments continue to support it, could be one of the most fundamental and significant contributions of the 20th century. Seldom in recent times does one encounter a new scientific area for exploration with such broad implications and potential applications, so suddenly thrown into the arena for scientific scrutiny, researches, and criticism. Presman's case for his hypothesis is very ably and persuasively set forth. The postulation that normal informational roles are played by these fields for living systems at three levels is systematically developed as logical, plausible consequences and significances of the reported responsiveness of living systems to diverse experimentally applied fields, and characteristics of these responses. The resulting hypothesis is so encompassing that an impact will be felt wherever biological regulation is concerned, and this means everywhere in biology from molecular, through developmental, environmental, and behavioral, and even into the social sciences. All who read this book will thereafter view the world with an increased consciousness of possible interrelations and interpretations through means hitherto considered impossible." Frank Brown, Preface.




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