Enlightenment Guaranteed

Enlightenment Guaranteed

English | 2015 | ISBN: 1508438463 | 76 Pages | PDF | 1.0 MB

Everything you need to know about Zen is in this bookĄ­ Meditation Techniques-How to live a Fearless life-Acceptance- Living in the present moment- Compassionate living-Zen Philosophy-History of Zen and Buddhism. This book is short and easy read. Yet, is a comprehensive guide to living an enlightened life.

You Will Learn:
* The meaning of life
* Why there is suffering
* How to be liberated from suffering
* Zen philosophy of Don't know Mind and Beginners mind
* The truth about impermanence and interdependence
* Meditation practices that guarantee results
* Emptiness explained with simple examples
* Zen art and Zen poetry
* How to live like a Zen Master
* The Mystery of Koans revealed
* How to live fearlessly



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