Following in the Buddha's Footsteps

Following in the Buddha's Footsteps

English | October 15, 2019 | ISBN: 1614296251 | EPUB | 552 Pages | 8.7 MB

The newest volume in the bestselling series from the Dalai Lama.

Delve into the substance of spiritual practice in this fourth volume of the Dalai Lama's definitive series on the path to awakening, Following in the Buddha's Footsteps. You'll first hear His Holiness's explanation of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, why they are reliable guides on the path, and how to relate to them. His Holiness then describes the three essential trainings common to all Buddhist traditions: the higher trainings in ethical conduct, concentration, and wisdom. These chapters show us how to live a life free of harm to self or others and give us detailed instructions on how to develop single-pointed concentration as well as the higher states of concentration available to an earnest practitioner. In addition, the chapters on wisdom contain in-depth teachings on the noble eightfold path and the four establishments of mindfulness for developing greater awareness and understanding of our body, feelings, mind, and other phenomena. Together, these topics form the core of Buddhist practice.

This is a book to treasure and refer to repeatedly as you begin the path, progress on it, and near the final goal of nirvana.


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