Foundation Fireworks CS4

friendsofED | ISBN: 1430216182 | 2009 | PDF | 306 pages | 33 Mb

By Craig Erskine, Hugh Griffith, Matt Heerema, Grant Hinkson, Matthew Keefe, Chuck Mallott

Are you a designer looking for a new and quicker way to prototype and create for the Web? Or are you perhaps a web developer who finds most design tools to be overly complex for what you need to get done? In either case, productivity is key, and Fireworks is Adobe's Creative Suite web productivity tool of choice. So even if you're an experienced Fireworks pro who wants to keep up to date on the latest additions to Creative Suite 4, Foundation Fireworks CS4 will show you how to get the most out of Fireworks so that you maximize your efficiency without sacrificing any creativity or power.

You'll learn how to use the unique collection of Fireworks vector- and pixel-based tools. Improved integration with Illustrator and smarter Photoshop file support are fully covered, as is the new workspace featuring tabbed documents. Even more importantly, the book discusses the complete Fireworks workflow, from idea generation to standards-complete HTML export with CSS layouts. Maximize your efficiency by creating prototypes in Fireworks, importing assets from any of the applications in Adobe's Creative Suite, and exporting for finished production to Dreamweaver.

Foundation Firework CS4 includes several real-world case studies, including creating a blog, building CSS sprites, and assembling a web commerce site. Advanced coverage includes using Fireworks to turn Rich Internet Applications into desktop apps with Adobe AIR. Fireworks CS4 is a complete design and development environment, and Foundation Firework CS4 is the first book to cover the full spectrum of this application's abilities this thoroughly.
In this book you'll learn:

* How to take web projects from prototype to implementation using nothing but Fireworks
* How best to integrate Fireworks into an enterprise web development environment
* How to use all of the Fireworks tools to be more productive without sacrificing your creativity
* How to use Fireworks alongside the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite
* How designers and developers can use Fireworks as a bridge between
their respective disciplines

Summary of Contents

* Part One: Learning Fireworks
o Chapter 1: Welcome to Fireworks
o Chapter 2: Fireworks and CS4 Integration
o Chapter 3: Working with Bitmaps
o Chapter 4: Working with Vectors
o Chapter 5: Exporting from Fireworks to the Web
* Part Two: Using Fireworks
o Chapter 6: Creating Visual Effects
o Chapter 7: The Ins and Outs of Animation
o Chapter 8: Skinning Flex Components with Fireworks
o Chapter 9: Creating Adobe Air Prototypes
o Chapter 10: Fireworks Extensions
o Chapter 11: Extending Fireworks: Developing an Effective Workflow Using Javascript and Flash
* Part Three: Fireworks in Action
o Chapter 12: Web Site Case Study #1: Blog
o Chapter 13: Web Site Case Study #2: CSS Sprites
o Chapter 14: Web Site Case Study #3: E-Commerc


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