Fractal Dimensions of Networks

Fractal Dimensions of Networks

English | PDF,EPUB | 2020 | 530 Pages | ISBN : 3030431681 | 60 MB

Current interest in fractal dimensions of networks is the result of more than a century of previous research on dimensions. Fractal Dimensions of Networks ties the theory and methods for computing fractal dimensions of networks to the classical theory of dimensions of geometric objects.
The goal of the book is to provide a unified treatment of fractal dimensions of sets and networks. Since almost all of the major concepts in fractal dimensions originated in the study of sets, the book achieves this goal by first clearly presenting, with an abundance of examples and illustrations, the theory and algorithms for sets, and then showing how the theory and algorithms have been applied to networks. For example, the book presents the classical theory and algorithms for the box counting dimension for sets, and then presents the box counting dimension for networks. All the major fractal dimensions are studied, e.g., the correlation dimension, the information dimension, the Hausdorff dimension, the multifractal spectrum, as well as many lesser known dimensions. Algorithm descriptions are accompanied by worked examples, with many applications of the methods presented.

Presentation of a unified view of fractal dimensions and the relationship between computing these dimensions for geometric objects and computing them for networks

A historical view of the different dimensions, starting with Euclid, presented in a form that is not overly mathematical

Many applications of the methods are discussed in a broad range of fields: art, biology, cosmology, food processing, marine science, neurology, etc.

Many examples are provided to illustrate the computational methods

Includes exercises throughout, ranging in difficulty from simple to research level


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