Functional Interrelation of the Parameters of Electric Machines, Devices and Transformers

Functional Interrelation of the Parameters of Electric Machines, Devices and Transformers

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Modern tendencies to globalization and openness of economics promote development of competitiveness in world production and trade. It essentially expands the possibilities for the choice of industrial electromechanical and electrotechnical equipment, including electric machines (EM), electric devices (ED) and transformers of various power and versions. Their correct choice is one of the most important stages mainly because it determines the cost and the functionality of the developed technological aggregates and systems. It is usually ambiguous and complicated due to availability in part by a large number of compared parameters of the analyzed devices, and also because of the complexity and/or absence of unifying approach to these choices.

Consequently, a topical scientific and applied problem consists in development of criteria for comparative assessment of EM, ED and transformers with the aim of their rational choice to meet the needs of the particular consumer.

The purpose of the analyzed devices is to take into consideration the quality of series design which includes these devices. In this case, not only are power and electromagnetic characteristics assessed, but the overall dimension parameters of the devices' masses are as well.
The existing methods of generalized choice of electric machines, devices and transformers are analyzed, and new methods based on the data of their catalogs are substantiated. Known theoretical and experimental dependences are considered, and specified (real) power and electromagnetic parameter dependencies on generalized linear dimensions are obtained for the main types and versions of the considered electrical equipment. The precision of the proposed relations is estimated.

The criteria of rational choice of electric machines, devices and transformers and their series, which require only the data usually included into the relevant catalogs are developed and substantiated.
The obtained results make it possible to provide a scientifically substantiated approach to the problem of choosing EMs, transformers and EDs and their series during both direct selection from the ones available at market and in assessment of designed new devices, mechanisms and machines. They also provide a number of useful recommendations applicable during the optimum design process of the various electrotechnical and electromechanical devices

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