Healing with Light Frequencies, 2nd Edition

Healing with Light Frequencies: The Transformative Power of Star Magic, 2nd Edition

English | June 23rd, 2020 | ISBN: 1644111098 | 260 Pages | EPUB | 3.77 MB

Access high-vibrational Consciousness Codes to heal your body and mind

Explains how to work with extraterrestrial light frequencies to clear, energize, uplift, and empower your body and mind and speed up the healing process
Offers basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of healing, with step-by-step illustrations, exercises, meditations, and real-life cases of Star Magic transformations
Illustrates holograph blueprints, pineal gland activation, and how to work with the Mer-ka-ba field to turbocharge your life, as well as many other powerful techniques

Star Magic Healing aligns you with high-vibrational Consciousness Codes and extraterrestrial light frequencies that expand your consciousness, shift your vibration, and speed up the healing process. Present on Earth in ancient Egyptian times, these Codes will transform your inner world and, in turn, upgrade your external reality. Through a series of major life events, Jerry Sargeant has reawakened this advanced soul technology and shares it here to help unleash the full potential of every living being.

Jerry reveals how to connect with and harness extraterrestrial light frequencies to energize, uplift, and consciously empower your own life, others, and the planet. The author shares practical Star Magic Healing tools with step-by-step illustrations as well as visualizations, exercises, and meditations to shift your vibration and bring about rapid healing that lasts. He discusses holographic blueprints, pineal gland activation, quantum knowledge, parallel realities, shadow parasites, and the impact of crystals and sacred geometry. Offering basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of healing, the author explains how to work at the cellular level, clearly demonstrating how advanced healing is readily available for everyone. Learn how to activate your Mer-ka-ba field and open up to infinite streams of abundance. Jerry also shares real-life case studies, recounting how he has used high-vibrational light frequencies to successfully remove tumors, restore eyesight, heal hearts and relationships, and supercharge businesses for massive success.

Star Magic offers an opportunity to heal at the deepest levels and find alignment with your life purpose. Star Magic Codes of Consciousness will connect you to the frequency of unconditional love, unleashing colossal inner wisdom and super-heightened awareness that enable you to manifest your perfect reality quickly. We each have the ancient power to heal and transform within us, and Star Magic offers the key to unleashing this power.



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