Her Penis Is Bigger Than Yours: When a Woman Wears The Pants In A Relationship

Her Penis Is Bigger Than Yours: When a Woman Wears The Pants In A Relationship

English | September 18, 2013 | ISBN: 1492755974 | 70 Pages | EPUB | 0.12 MB

Usually when people think about the topic of who has the most control in a relationship the majority of the time they would concede that it is the man because it is the societal norm. However, if you look closely behind the curtains you will soon discover that this is not always the case. There are in fact women out there women out there who wield an immense amount of power in their relationships. These types of women are the ones who are in control. They wear the pants in the relationship. Some men will concede to the power of a woman and let her control the relationship if they are weak or if the woman is actually stronger than them and a better leader. However, this is not a natural state for a man and men who find themselves in this position of being trapped in a relationship like this are looking for remedies and solutions that will enable them to reverse their fortunes. They feel that "enough is enough" and realize that not only did they commit the huge mistake of allowing the woman to wear the pants in the relationship, but they also enabled her to grow a penis A penis that has grown bigger than theirs. In his book entitled Her Penis Is Bigger Than Yours: When A Woman Wears The Pants in The Relationship world renown relationship expert Mike Love examines in detail the dynamics of this type of relationship and how to move to a more healthier alternative by shrinking her penis or getting rid of it altogether.



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