How It Works Book Of Space 8th Edition

How It Works Book Of Space 8th Edition

Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2016 | English | ISBN: 1785463888 | PDF | 180 Pages | 119 MB

Space has fascinated mankind from the earliest days of civilization, and as we keep scratching the surface of the vast universe in which we live, our sense of awe and wonder continues to grow unabated. Now, with the technological advancements being made by the world's space agencies, we understand more than ever about the things that are happening beyond our own planet. This new edition of the How It Works Book of Space has been updated with more of the latest astronomical advancements, stunning space photography from the most advaneed telescopes on the planet, and glimpses at what the future of space exploration holds, such as the planned mission to Mars. Takingyou from the heart of our Solar System and out into deep space. Get ready for lift off and discover the depths of our universe and beyond with Curiosity's latest discoveries, tourism in space and the spiders of Mars.


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