Hydrides: Types, Bonds and Applications

Hydrides: Types, Bonds and Applications

Nova | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 153613581X | 251 Pages | PDF | 8.46 MB

by Patrick C. Dam (Editor)

This book first proposes metal hydrides as a fascinating class of compounds due to the small mass and size of hydrogen. Its medium electronegativity causes a large flexibility in terms of metal-ligand interactions, resulting in a vast variety of possible compositions, chemical bonding, crystal structures and physical properties.However, numerous unsolved problems remain on our way towards a sustainable, carbon free energy system based on renewable energy and on hydrogen as a future energy carrier. Thus, the authors present the structural details of alkali, alkali earth based selected tetra-boro hydrides. Selected hydrides have recently been suggested for applications in optoelectronics and as solid electrolytes for battery applications. Their use in optoelectronic devices depends on their stability with respect to doping, solubility of shallow donors and acceptors, electrical and optical properties. The nature of the bonding in hydrides is discribed, and show how these affect the properties of these materials, focussing on application in the energy storage and in the transportation sector. The features of gas discharge and plasma sources based on Penning trap with metal hydride cathodes are presented



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