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Incorporate Your Business: A 50-State Legal Guide to Forming a CorporationName: Incorporate Your Business: A 50-State Legal Guide to Forming a Corporation?
Publisher: NOLO
Language: English
ISBN: 0873379942
Paperback: 300 pages
Data: January 2004
Format: PDF
Description: “Incorporate Your Business lays out everything you need to know about corporate laws and regulations in your state, clearly explaining: why and when to incorporate what you need to know about corporate taxation whether to elect S corporation tax status how to incorporate an existing business Plus, you can save thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees by incorporating a business yourself — Incorporate Your Business guides you through each step.

In the end, your business will enjoy a number of advantages, including: Limited Liability Incorporating your business limits personal liability for business debts — this means owners are not normally financially liable for business debts and court judgments. Tax Advantages You can split business income between yourself and your corporation, thereby lowering income taxes. Access to Capital Corporations have better access to private venture capital than any other type of business. They are also well positioned to raise capital by selling shares to the public. Employee Perks The owners of a corporation who work for the business are treated as employees. They can take advantage of tax-deductible, corporate-paid benefits such as: pension plans stock-option and stock bonus plans medical expense reimbursement term life insurance coverage and more Incorporate Your Business provides the forms you need as tear-outs and on CD-ROM, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, stock certificates and resolutions. The 2nd edition includes a special supplement about the latest federal tax changes that benefit small and large corporations. It also provides the latest corporate laws, rules and procedures for each state. ”

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