Inside Out: A Philosophical Enquiry of Hindu Dharma

Inside Out: A Philosophical Enquiry of Hindu Dharma

2020 | ISBN: 164678670X | English | 388 Pages | EPUB | 4 MB

The central subject matter of this book is the Vedas. While it is a book that is written primarily for a layman's audience, this work is for anyone wishing to consider and follow the path of Hindu dharma.

The Vedas are more a subjective than an objective science. It is true that when practising Hindu dharma, one needs to be logical and subjective. But being logical is not the same as using formal logic.

The work is intended to demystify various (if not all) terminologies and nomenclature of Hinduism, and to break the myth that the 'Puranas' and 'Itihasa' are not meaningless mythologies or absurd Indian history but technical commentaries on Vedas. This will help the readers in understanding the various practices and rituals.

The intention of this work is not to hurt the sentiments of any persons following any dharma or any religion but only to make proper philosophical enquiries into the practice of the respective dharmas and religions. The common view of Hindu dharma is to encourage Poorva Paksha- i.e. the art of enquiry and debate.


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