Introduction to Octonion and Other Non-Associative Algebras in Physics

Susumo Okubo, quot;Introduction to Octonion and Other Non-Associative Algebras in Physicsquot;
Cambridge University Press | 1995 | ISBN: 0521472156, 0521017920 | 152 pages | Djvu | 1,1 mb
In this book, the author applies non-associative algebras to physics. Okubo covers topics ranging from algebras of observables in quantum mechanics and angular momentum and octonions to division algebra, triple-linear products and YangSHBaxter equations. He also discusses the non-associative gauge theoretic reformulation of Einstein's general relativity theory. Much of the material found in this volume is not available in other works. The book will therefore be of great interest to graduate students and research scientists in physics and mathematics.

Summary: Okobo's Octonion and Other Algebras Volume
Rating: 5

Of all the books on octonions, division algebras, Clifford algebras, and related fields, none is more precise, theoretically deep, mathematically clear and logically organized and coherent and concise than Okubo's book. It requires more mathematical sophistication than most books on the subject, but any reader should be able to hire a consultant or tutor specializing in mathematical physics or even advanced algebra to clarify in ordinary language or an approximation thereof what Okubo is saying. A reader of Okubo's book will obtain a deeper insight into the mathematics of these algebras than from any other book, including the relationships between different types of algebras such as Hurwitz and non-Hurwitz algebras. The book is a little short on physical applications, although there are enough to provide impetus for reading other books, but the mathematics is absolutely profound and should not be missed by anyone. I have cited Okubo in papers at conferences and publications of mine.

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