Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride, Second Edition

Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride, Second  Edition

English | June 3, 2011 | ISBN: 1600052010 | 146 Pages | PDF | 3.01 MB

Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride is a positive, Christian non-fiction book regarding: The use of alcoholic beverages then and nowThe repentance of Judas IscariotGod's divorceDivorce in the modern worldThe untold Bible story of David and the princess

    This book forces you to re-evaluate your understanding of the bible, re-look at the passages and re-consider their meaning.
    Examples of common biblical knowledge challenges: Ask anybody how many animals of each kind Noah took on the ark and they'll probably say two. However, God told Noah to take fourteen of most. Yes, there were fourteen reindeer on the ark!The prophet Ezra blessed a divorce and proclaimed that the men should "be of good courage, and do it." Ezra 10: 3-5. God divorced Israel (Isaiah 50:1.) Now please, make no mistake, this book isn't pro-divorce or pro-drunkenness. Rather, it was written to provide bible based hope, no matter your current station in life and in spite of all of your failures, past, present and future. God's grace has you covered!Regarding forgiveness, Mathew 27:3 clearly states that Judas (a.) repented, (b.) confessed his sin publicly and (c.) gave the money back. So, with Christ standing in earshot of this confession, two questions arise regarding Judas: Would Christ forgive Judas? Did Christ forgive him?
      When it comes to real-life issues, many people are unsure and/or unaware of the simplistic guidance the bible offers. Why? Perhaps the subjects are too controversial to talk about in a church setting. Can you imagine the stir these road side church reader boards would cause? Sundays Sermon: God Divorced His BrideSundays Sermon: Judas RepentedSundays Sermon: Jesus Drank
        Steve Brown will go out on a limb and say that most pastors would be in jeopardy of job termination if they wrote a sermon of this nature, and then posted the title, on Monday morning, on the reader board out in front of the church.
        Why is this book different? Using solid Biblical references, this book seeks to stir up heightened interest in what the Bible says by questioning even the most primary, and most popular biblical teachings.
        The message in many religious books is often "sugar coated" and non-controversial. But, the Bible isn't. Neither is Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride.
        Comments on Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride by the author, Steve Brown
        Why did you write this book? Since I was a child I've been taught many things from the Bible that weren't true. For example, most people think Noah took two of all the animals on the ark, however it was fourteen of most (Genesis 7:2.) Granted, the number of animals on the ark isn't that important, but the teaching on divorce is important. As I searched through the Bible, I realized that flawed teaching on many important life subjects is widespread throughout the Christian world. With 5,000 hours of personal research involved I am confident arguing the accuracy of Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride.
        What will the reader walk away with after reading the book? Readers leave with a heightened interest in the scriptures. In the end, readers are reminded about the importance or forgiving others. The chapter on Judas may be the greatest example of forgiveness in all of scripture and this book lays a solid argument in Judass corner and in the corner of every other sinner alive. This is a book filled with evidence that must be reckoned with.


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