Joe Vitale Attract a new car

Joe Vitale Attract a new car
Joe Vitale | ISBN: N/a | 2003 | MP3 | 91 mb
Here are a few of the exciting highlights you¡¯ll hear in the teleseminar series:
Lesson #1: Two mystery guests begin the calls by explaining how they attracted new cars. (Both Mercedes). You then get to listen as an energy expert teaches you a way to release the blocks to your attracting a new car. You can do this block releasing method right at home, while listening to the call. It works, too ¨C almost by magic. This call is high energy, practical, psychological, and very inspiring.
Lesson #2: This call begins with yet another guest explaining how he attracted a new car. He also tells how he managed to attract tickets to sold-out shows. Then a well known manifestation expert explains the physics of manifestation and the law of vibration. This is easy to follow and implement. You¡¯ll find the call upbeat, fast, and fun. You¡¯ll learn how to attract wealth beyond reason.
Lesson #3: It begins with two authors explaining how to get rich with a three step formula for attracting a new car (or anything else). You then get to again experience an energy releasing technique - you can do it at home as you listen ¨C designed to free you of fears, limits, and self-defeating beliefs. This is a very freeing call. (This is the call that shifted me so I was able to order a BMW made for me in Germany.)
Lesson #4: This final call was phenomenal. This is where I explained how I was able to attract a brand new BMW luxury sports car. But that was only the warm-up to this hot call. One of the world¡¯s most successful hypnotic women explains how she attracted her new car, and reveals ways to get the universe to bring you what you want. (You won¡¯t believe the power of a yellow stickie note!) Her stories are inspiring and instructive. She is followed by a famous prosperity messiah who reveals how the culture has programmed you to stay poor and unhappy. I end the call by reviewing the steps in The Attractor Factor and urging you to Dare Something Worthy.
Obviously, those brief descriptions don¡¯t give you a complete sense of the power in these calls. But you get the idea.
I know at this point you¡¯re probably getting excited about learning my system, but let me turn on the after-burners and throw this into high gear¡­

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