John Edward - Developing Your Own Psychic Powers

John Edward - Developing Your Own Psychic Powers
Hay House | ISBN: 1561707627 | 2000 | MP3 | 162 mb
On this remarkable audio program, internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edward brings you a wealth of information that will help you develop your own psychic powers. The topics he discusses include the following:
01 - Meditations
John teaches you how to successfully meditate so you can relax your body, open your mind to the intuitive side, and visualize what you want in life. He emphasizes that the foundation for any serious psychic/spiritual work is to be able to work with energy through meditation. In this vein, he discusses the seven chakras, the vital energy centers located within the etheric body that enable you to process the universal energies around and within you. He then takes you through practical meditation and visualization exercises that help you apply the theory and explanation that he has presented.
02 - Psychic Self-Defense
John points out that we protect ourselves in the physical world all the time (locking our doors, wearing a seat belt, taking vitamins, etc.), but since there is more to us than our physical body, we need to protect ourselves from negative energy as well. Psychic self-defense allows us to maintain the energy in our own auric field and not allow others to affect or drain it. John then has you engage in specific exercises to help you fortify and seal your energy field in order to create a cleaner, clearer mental atmosphere.
03 - Angels and Guides
First, John discusses the difference between angels and guides. An angel, he says, is an energy that has never had a physical incarnation, but who can assist, protect, nurture, and inspire the human condition. That is, an angel can take on a human form to get the job done, from time to time, but has never had a lifetime in a body. A guide may have a physical body at one time, and works with you when you choose to incarnate into the physical. John then proceeds to lead you through visualization and meditation exercises to help you meet your guides.
04 - Unleashing Your Psychic Potential
John helps you understand your own psychic abilities. He insists that everyone has psychic gifts, but most of the time they have been locked away in the recesses of the mind and need to be developed and recognized. You must give yourself permission to perceive and receive energy, and then use meditation and other tools to unleash your potential. John then takes you through meditations and visualizations that will help you embark on a psychic and spiritual journey.
05 - Psychic Tools in the Workplace
John explains that it's natural to want to apply your newfound psychic abilities to the workplace by doing readings, but he emphasizes that there is a lot of responsibility involved. He discusses spiritual ethics; and also delves into topics such as numerology, crystal gazing, psychometry, tarot cards, dowsing, the I Ching, and rune casting.
06 - How to Conduct a Psychic Session
John discusses his basic theories and philosophy about conducting a psychic session. He points out that when you do a reading, your words may have a profound impact on someone's life, and the goal is always to help. He urges you to be both psychic and spiritual so that you attract positive people and experiences. John then gives you step-by-step advice on actually conducting a session.

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