Journey in the World of the Tantras

Journey in the World of the Tantras

English | 2004 | 316 Pages | ISBN: 8186569421 | PDF | 5.6 MB

This book is a collection of essays which document in their own way the author's personal journey in these years through parts of the Shaiva and, to some extent, the Vaisnava Tantras. Anyone who has travelled on similar paths knows how vast and marvellous the lands of this extraordinary world are. This ground-breaking book includes the following chapters: Self-awareness, Own Being and Egoity; Abhavavada, the Doctrine of Non-being; The Samvitprakasha; The Inner Pilgrimage of the Tantras; Kubjika, the Androgynous Goddess; The Cult of the Goddess Kubjika


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