Lasik and Beyond Lasik: Wavefront Analysis and Customized Ablations

Prof. Benjamin Boyd - Lasik and Beyond Lasik Wavefront Analysis and Customized Ablations
Slack | ISBN: 9962613043 | 2001-04-01 | File type: PDF | 350 pages | 29.30 mb

Prof. Benjamin F. Boyd, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, Sunita Agarwal, M.S., M.D., Athiya Agarwal, M.D., and Amar Agarwal, M.S., M.D., Editors of this special Volume present you HIGHLIGHTS OF OPHTHALMOLOGY┬┤S latest book titled LASIK AND BEYOND LASIK, simultaneously published in English and Spanish (hardcover, with 500 pages) and 300 hundred full color illustrations and didactic images. You will find extensive coverage of the new concepts, methods and technology available to perform the best Lasik procedures and then go beyond the conventional Lasik. This includes providing your patients with a corneal ablation customized for each person. This is the new laser treatment of utmost interest in refractive surgery. It includes discussions on mapping the profile of refraction of the whole eye through wavefront sensing devices.

It also identifies aberrations in the entire optical system and not only the corneal surface. The present challenge is how to correct these aberrations by providing a distinctive laser treatment plan for each eye, like matching a finger print. In this volume, very prestigious refractive surgeons present their concepts and experiences on how to link diagnostic information obtained from wavefront analysis and corneal topography to the excimer laser treatment. They also identify the sophisticated equipment being made available for this purpose. With this Volume you will receive the most updated information about the present state of the art of refractive surgery with Lasik and take a good look beyond conventional Lasik.


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