Linguaphone All Talk French: Levels 1

Linguaphone All Talk French
Linguaphone All Talk French: Levels 1 & 2
Audiobook | 16 CDs | WMA | 512 Mo

"All Talk" is a complete hands-free language learning experience. It's easy to work with and provides instant access to an extensive everyday vocabulary. Developed by Linguaphone, "All Talk" is designed to help the user learn quickly without the need to dedicate blocks of time to study. This is a set of 16 compact discs covering two levels. Level 1 is for beginners, whilst Level 2 introduces a more challenging range of dialogue. "All Talk" features entertaining dialogue delivered by native French speakers to help the user develop an authentic accent, in an easy-to-follow soap-opera story style. The course teaches an active vocabulary of over 2000 words. There are no textbooks or written exercises to complete and the user can listen at his or her own pace.

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Password :french

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part 4 is twice????

Does someone have the spanish version?

, Myamata.
You may want to download "Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics" from:

"World Atlas Ver. 5"includes it (presently, item # 1).
There are 100 other items there already. All free for anyone to download.
(No passwords, no codes, no gimmicks.)

Is there anybody who has Tell Me More French PREMIUM? Thanks in advance.

[Fast Download] Linguaphone All Talk French: Levels 1

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