Lower Extremity Joint Preservation: Techniques for Treating the Hip, Knee, and Ankle

Lower Extremity Joint Preservation: Techniques for Treating the Hip, Knee, and Ankle

English | PDF | 2021 | 340 Pages | ISBN : 3030573818 | 16.2 MB

This book describes and discusses the available joint preservation techniques for maintaining the stability homeostasis of the lower extremity joints - specifically the hip, knee, and ankle - following injury. Readers will find detailed coverage of anatomy, pathology, techniques for repair, restoration, and regeneration, and rehabilitation strategies.
Joint preservation is an emerging field in Orthopaedics that represents a response to the limitations of joint replacement technology. Using the techniques now available, surgeons can try to prevent or delay the onset of osteoarthritis or other degenerative conditions affecting the joints, particularly in young patients. Furthermore, modern tissue engineering offers the potential for whole-joint resurfacing, thereby achieving complete restoration. Optimal implementation of these techniques depends upon further refinement of methods and continuing improvements in knowledge of biomechanics, biology, and anatomy. Against this background, the present book is an ideal guide to the latest treatment modalities that will appeal to all who wish to learn more about indications, goals, procedures, and expected outcomes.



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