Magickal, Mystical Creatures: Invite Their Powers into Your Life

Magickal, Mystical Creatures: Invite Their Powers into Your Life

ISBN: 073875742X | 2018 | EPUB | 272 Pages | 2 MB

Gain the Magical Powers of More Than 200 Amazing Creatures

From pookas and green men to gorgons and gargoyles, this occult encyclopedia reveals everything you need to know about more than two hundred marvelous beasts. Magickal, Mystical Creatures invites you to explore their history, symbolism, appearance, associated traits, and abilities. Best of all, it shows you how their energies and talents empower your magickal workings, rituals, and meditations.

Draw upon the knowledge of griffins and water-folk to eliminate barriers blocking your progress. Invoke the energy of the centaur for artistic inspiration. Work with the magickal serpent when you need a financial windfall. This comprehensive bestiary introduces you to a variety of incredible beings just waiting to enhance your life with their legendary wisdom and power.

Previously published with ISBN 9781567181494

The Complete Magickal Bestiary

Long ago, strange and fabulous beasts filled the tales of storytellers and the myths of many cultures. Over time, humankind abandoned its connection with these powerful helpers.

This comprehensive guide describes the history, symbolism, appearance, associated traits, and magickal abilities of over two hundred magickal creatures, and tells how to enlist their aid:

Unicorns Centaurs Satyrs and Fauns Griffins Goblins Magickal Serpents Gigantic Birds Gargoyles Gremlins Fabulous Lions The Ruhk Mystical Bulls and Bull-Men Trolls Pixies Dwarfs The Riddling Sphinx Red Cap Hell Hounds Water-Folk Creatures of the Stony Stare The Salamander Human-Birds Fox Spirits Flying Horses

Remember the forgotten magick-rediscover the unique abilities and powerful influence of the marvelous beings in Magickal, Mystical Creatures.


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