Microbiology - L. M. Prescott - . Fifth Edition.

Lansing M. Prescott, "Microbiology" 5th edition
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Product Description
Prescott, Harley and Klein's 5th edition provides a balanced, comprehensive introduction to all major areas of microbiology. Because of this balance, Microbiology, 5/e is appropriate for students preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and allied health, as well as research, teaching, and industry. Biology and chemistry are prerequisites. The Fifth Edition has been updated extensively to reflect the latest discoveries in the field.

About the Author
John Harley teaches Anatomy Physiology and General Biology at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY and is also co-author of Prescott/Harley/Klein Microbiology and the ASM Microbial Telecourse Study Guide. This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction to Microbiology
1 The History and Scope of Microbiology
2 The Study of Microbial Structure: Microscopy and Specimen Preparation
3 Procaryotic Cell Structure and Function
4 Eucaryotic Cell Structure and Function
Part II Microbial Nutrition, Growth, and Control
5 Microbial Nutrition
6 Microbial Growth
7 Control of Microorganisms by Physical and Chemical Agents
Part III Microbial Metabolism
8 Metabolism: Energy, Enzymes, and Regulation
9 Metabolism: Energy Release and Conservation
10 Metabolism: The Use of Energy in Biosynthesis
Part IV Microbial Molecular Biology and Genetics
11 Genes: Structure, Replication, and Mutation
12 Genes: Expression and Regulation
13 Microbial Recombination and Plasmids
Part V DNA Technology and Genomics
14 Recombinant DNA Technology
15 Microbial Genomics
Part VI The Viruses
16 The Viruses: Introduction and General Characteristics
17 The Viruses: Bacteriophages
18 The Viruses: Viruses of Eucaryotes
Part VII The Diversity of the Microbial World
19 Microbial Taxonomy and Phylogeny
20 The Archaea
21 Bacteria: The Deinococci and Nonproteobacteria Gram Negatives
22 Bacteria: The Proteobacteria
23 Bacteria: The Low G C Gram Positives
24 Bacteria: The High G C Gram Positives
25 The Fungi (Eumycota), Slime Molds, and Water Molds
26 The Algae
27 The Protozoa
Part VIII Ecology and Symbiosis
28 Microorganism Interactions and Microbial Ecology
29 Microorganisms in Aquatic Environments
30 Microorganisms in Terrestrial Environments
Part IX Nonspecific(Innate) Resistance and the Immune Response
31 Normal Microbiota and Nonspecific (Innate) Host Resistence
32 Specific (Adaptive) Immunity
33 Medical Immunology
Part X Microbial Diseases and Their Control
34 Pathogenicity of Microorganisms
35 Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
36 Clinical Microbiology
37 The Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
38 Human Diseases Caused by Viruses
39 Human Diseases Caused by Bacteria
40 Human Diseases Caused by Fungi and Protozoa
Part XI Food and Industrial Microbiology
41 Microbiology of Food
42 Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Appendix I A Review of the Chemistry of Biological Molecules
Appendix II Common Metabolic Pathways
Appendix III Classification of Procaryotes According to the First Edition of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology
Appendix IV Classification of Procaryotes According to the Second Edition of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology
Appendix V Classification of Viruses




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