Modern Chess Openings, 14 Edition

Nick De Firmian, "Modern Chess Openings, 14 Edition"
Crown | 1999 | ISBN: 0812930835 | 752 pages | File type: PDF | 17,1 mb
Well begun is half done.

In chess, how you begin a game has far-reaching repercussions-from setting the pace and tone of the game to, often, determining the final result. On the 64-square battlefield, the first few maneuvers are the most important ones of all.

When preparing for the battle about to unfold, a five-star general has a cadre of strategists and consultants. You have Modern Chess Openings. Popularly known as MCO, this is the most current and comprehensive one-volume reference book about the chess openings on the market. Whether you are a beginner interested in learning the fundamentals, an intermediate player ready to elevate your game to the next level, or an International Grandmaster who wants to stay on top of all the recent chess innovations, MCO is the book you need.


Modern Chess Openings has been the best and most trusted tool in learning the chess openings since it was first published over a half-century ago. This, the fourteenth edition of MCO, has been completely revised and updated by three-time United States Chess Champion Nick de Firmian to reflect all of the latest changes and innovations in the game. By taking into account all recent tournament matches and published theoretical works of note, MCO-14 leaps to the forefront of the field-just as its predecessors have always done.


From eternal workhorses such as the Ruy Lopez, an opening that was developed in the fifteenth century, to relative upstarts such as the Neo-Grünfeld, first seen in 1937, Modern Chess Openings covers every viable opening sequence of chess moves in today's environment.
This new edition, completely revised and updated by International Grandmaster Nick de Firmian, includes dozens of variations-from classic to modern-on the standard openings. The section on the Sicilian Defense looks at the Accelerated Dragon Variation, the Paulsen Variation, the Richter-Rauzer Attack, and many more. In all, 234 different sequences of opening moves are analyzed in the Sicilian Defense chapter alone.
Plus, throughout MCO-14, the openings are supplemented by rich, detailed annotations. Reference is made to notable tournament matches which began with the opening in question. Comments are made on the relative strength or weakness of the board position after the opening has been employed. And suggestions are offered recommending the best follow-up moves.
If you want to learn the chess openings-ALL the chess openings-MCO-14 is the only book you need to have.


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