Muzzy in Gondoland

Muzzy in Gondoland
BBC | 2007 | AVI File type: PDF | 320x240 24.04fps | total size~823mb
| total duration~64min

Muzzy is the main character of the videos, a friendly clock-eating monster. The stories are set in the kingdom of Gondoland, where Muzzy lands in his spaceship. Inhabitants of Gondoland include the royal family, who are lions: the King, the Queen, and their daughter Sylvia; Bob, their gardener; Corvax, an evil scientist. Most other characters are dogs. The main storylines are often interrupted by educational interludes, animated in a different style and featuring a cyclist character named Norman who explains grammar.
In the first film, Bob falls in love and runs away with Princess Sylvia on his motorbike. He is thrown in prison on charges of kidnapping, where he meets Muzzy, jailed for eating parking meters while hungry, in his cell. Muzzy eats the bars of the prison cell, and they escape. While they are escaping, Corvax, also in love with the princess, uses his computer to clone her, but the clones hate him as much as the original did. When the king arrives to see what's going on, he becomes trapped in the computer, and Corvax flees in his helicopter. Bob brings him back and is forgiven, while Muzzy fixes the computer and rescues the king, and all ends happily.


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