Naked Yoga: An Erotic Adventure

Naked Yoga: An Erotic Adventure

English | July 28, 2018 | ISBN: 1724510584 | 70 Pages | PDF (conv) | 1.01 MB

Mula Bandha is for lovers...
Kayla and I pressed our feet together and pushed our legs further apart. Our legs were now at a sixty-degree angle facing one another, and our hips were only inches apart. I pulled her gently toward me, clasping her arms near her elbows as she leaned her head down, closer to my quivering box...<hr>
When bored housewife Jade seeks to broaden her horizons, she discovers a naked yoga club where members stretch and explore each other's bodies in the buff. She books an appointment, and during the first session meets a young redhead who tantalizes her with her flexibility and stunning body.
They agree to meet again with hopes of expanding their interaction at the next, higher level class. This time, they're thrilled when the instructor guides them through increasingly intimate partnered poses.
During the final advanced class, Jade is shocked but exhilarated when the instructor introduces some new positions that brings them even closer together. Join Jade as she discovers a new side to her sensuality and rises to new heights of pleasure...


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