Natural Biodynamcis

Natural Biodynamcis

2006 | 1036 Pages | ISBN: 9812565345 | PDF | 13 MB

This comprehensive volume is a graduate-level text in human biodynamics, written in the unified categorical language of modern differential geometry and topology. Combining mathematics, physics and robotics with human physiology, this is the first book that describes all levels of human biodynamics, from musculo-skeletal mechanics to the higher brain functions. The book develops and uses a variety of research methods, ranging from chaos theory and Haken's synergetics, through quantum mechanics, to nonlinear control and artificial intelligence, to provide the means to understand, predict and control the behavior of human-like systems in their full neuro-musculo-skeletal complexity. The applications of this unique scientific methodology range from prediction of human neuro-musculo-skeletal injuries to brain-like control of humanoid robots.


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