Nature Inspired Computing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Nature Inspired Computing for Wireless Sensor Networks

English | EPUB | 2020 | 346 Pages | ISBN : 9811521247 | 35.46 MB

This book presents nature inspired computing applications for the wireless sensor network (WSN). Although the use of WSN is increasing rapidly, it has a number of limitations in the context of battery issue, distraction, low communication speed, and security.
This means there is a need for innovative intelligent algorithms to address these issues.The book is divided into three sections and also includes an introductory chapter providing an overview of WSN and its various applications and algorithms as well as the associated challenges. Section 1 describes bio-inspired optimization algorithms, such as genetic algorithms (GA), artificial neural networks (ANN) and artificial immune systems (AIS) in the contexts of fault analysis and diagnosis, and traffic management. Section 2 highlights swarm optimization techniques, such as African buffalo optimization (ABO), particle swarm optimization (PSO), and modified swarm intelligence technique for solving the problems of routing, network parameters optimization, and energy estimation. Lastly, Section 3 explores multi-objective optimization techniques using GA, PSO, ANN, teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO), and combinations of the algorithms presented. As such, the book provides efficient and optimal solutions for WSN problems based on nature-inspired algorithms.


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