Now, Are You Ready To Learn Economics?

Now, Are You Ready To Learn Economics?

2000 | DJVU | 254 Pages | ISBN-10: 0943235189 | English | 2.8 MB

Book by LaRouche, Lyndon H, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche offers a unique approach to economic analysis. Instead of measuring economic strength by financial and monetary aggregates (the price any fool is willing to pay for real estate or stock in a "bubble" market, or the amount of green slips of paper any government is willing to print out to keep those bubbles inflated) he measures it by what is happening to the physical economy (construction of rail systems, power plants, water ways, machine-tool production and consumption, and agricultural yeild).
And, instead of approaching the economy the way that an accountant would (focusing on immediate costs and benefits without looking at hidden costs or long-term consequences), he approaches the economy as a scientist and a poet would, by asking what the underlying axioms are that drive current economic policy decisions ĘC and where must those axioms and policies will lead us over the next 25-year interval.
This gives his work a refreshing dose of reality that is missing from other books on this topic. If, in the 90s, you thought dot coms were sustainable and if you thought, in 2000, that Enron was a good place to put a chunk of your life savings, you should have been reading LaRouche to avoid being taken for a ride ĘC and fleeced of your cash. But, as LaRouche points out, this is all part of a much bigger and long-term picture.
What LaRouche has to say about the current state of the global economy is even more important than what he has said before. And the stakes in the heist that is currently underway are far greater than those for any particular household, tragic as that would be.


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