Photo-induced Defects in Semiconductors

David Redfield, Richard H. Bube, quot;Photo-induced Defects in Semiconductorsquot;
Cambridge University Press | 1996 | ISBN: 0521461960, 0521024455 | 240 pages | File type: PDF | 6,3 mb
This book gives a complete overview of the properties of deep-level, localized defects in semiconductors. Such comparatively long-lived (or metastable) defects exhibit complex interactions with the surrounding material, and can significantly affect the performance and stability of certain semiconductor devices. After an introductory discussion of metastable defects, the authors present properties of DX and EL2 centers in IIISHV compounds. They also deal with additional crystalline materials before giving a detailed description of the properties and kinetics of photo-induced defects in amorphous semiconductors. The book closes with an examination of the effects of photo-induced defects in a range of practical applications. The book will be of great use to graduate students and researchers interested in the physics and materials science of semiconductors.

?Distinguished authors, both Fellows of the American Physical Society ?First book to deal with this subject ?Multidisciplinary subject, of interest to physicists, electrical engineers and materials scientists

1. Introduction: metastable defects; 2. III–V compounds: DX2 and EL2 centers; 3. Other crystalline materials; 4. Hydrogenated amorphous silicon: properties of defects; 5. Hydrogenated amorphous silicon: photo-induced defect kinetics and processes; 6. Other amorphous semiconductors; 7. Photo-induced defect effects in devices; References; Index.

‘The authors give an excellent account of all the basic research undertaken in the area of defects in semiconductors particularly during the last 15 years. They assume that the reader has some basic knowledge of semiconductor physics. The text is presented in a very readable style and it contains over 100 figures. The book should be of direct interest to those scientists actively engaged in both fundamental and applied semiconductor physics. It is very readable and is of a high standard throughout.?C. A. Bates, Contemporary Physics

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